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Leah T.

  • Meningeal Diverticulum with tethered spinal cord - So happy from surgery two years ago
Leah T.

“I had surgery with Dr. Feigenbaum 7/12/2012 in Dallas, TX. I would like to start by saying how wonderful Dr. F was before, during and after! I was diagnosed with a TC when I was only 17 years old after a car accident, for 9 years I saw Doctor after Doctor and tried treatment after treatment until I finally saw Dr. Feigenbaum and let me tell you, this surgery changed the my life so much. Before surgery I could not walk 1/2 mile without crying, I could barely sit for 15 minutes and had a hard time driving 30 minutes to the next town even with all the meds I was taking. After surgery recovery was very slow and challenging at times but I just knew I had made the right decision.... Well, I was right, fast forward 2 years and in July of 2014 (last month) I had taken a 2 week vacation to Maui, HI! Yes, flying from Florida's east coast was very doable as long as I stretched. During my trip I did a good bit of mild hiking and realized I only needed the occasional Tylenol or Motrin.... Then I decided to hike Haleakala Crater from 10k elevation, hiked appx 2,00ft down, about 7 miles across and appx 1,600ft back up. 11.2 mile trail in only 6 1/2 hours! I couldn't believe it! This was the ultimate pay off from surgery 2 years ago! I still have some pain when I lift something heavy and still have some numbness and sciatica. I have learned my limits and what to avoid, but never in a million years did I dream I would be able to hike!! THANK YOU DR FEIGENBAUM I feel like I can move mountains for the first time in my adult life!!!

Submitted August 2014”

Roxanna Hernandez

  • Tarlov Cyst Treatment
Roxanna Hernandez

“I can't express my gratitude with words for giving me my quality of life back. For once in 3 years, I can say I am living without excruciating constant pain. It has been about 3 months and I have noticed that 5 of the 7 days of the week are 100% pain free. The other 2 days are a reminder that there is a vulnerable âNewâ Roxanna, and I have to take it easy. For this past year to date, I no longer take strong pain meds, only muscle relaxants for the muscle spasms. Although I still have some neurological symptoms, some pre and others post-surgical, I would not have changed my decision to have the surgery, and I consider it to have been a success, not only for the fact that my pain is basically zero, but because my quality of life has improved greatly, and I am not feeling miserable any longer, this surgery has helped me regain self-confidence and a positive outlook on life. I can continue making other people happy by living my passion of cake design, and growing my business.

I cannot bless you enough for your talent, dedication and passion for your career, and making life more manageable to those of us affected by this disease, where others have failed us. Thank you for believing we have a chance to live with dignity (tears running). Thanks to your team, who have dealt with us through thick and thin and for their infinite patience!

Thank you for changing the history in the field of Neurosurgery, were not many have had the courage to.

Eternally grateful,

Roxanna Hernandez

Submitted July 2014”


  • Sacral Tarlov Cysts - This surgery has truly saved my way of life

“At the age of 14 I took a hard fall after tripping and my back pain began. My freshman year of high school I began having caudal epidurals. I saw countless doctors, specialists, and basically anyone in MO who thought they could help. I tried everything from physical therapy to radio frequency ablation in those 4 years of not knowing what was causing my severe pain. I never let this pain slow me down or stop me from anything and finished in the top of my class. By my senior year I was getting worse had given up on ever finding a true problem with my back. I lost all motion and feeling in my left leg, my bladder quit emptying and my right kidney function was low, which caused many other problems. Finally my chiropractor (who I had been seeing since this all started) recommended someone he had gone to medical school with, Dr. Feigenbaum. After one MRI he knew exactly what was causing my problem and we were soon scheduling surgery. At 18 this was nerve racking for me but I had so much hope this was going to be a pain free beginning for me, and for once I was right! I awoke from surgery pain free for the first time in 4 very long years. This surgery truly saved my way of life. I could not have finished my first year of college without the freedom I received from being free of pain. Dr. Feigenbaum and his entire staff, along with the staff at St. Luke's hospital truly gave me a wonderful new life!

Submitted July 2014”

Joy K.

  • Meningeal cyst removal with fusion five years ago and glad I had the surgery

“I too was told for many years that my meningeal cyst was not causing the pain, numbness and inablity to function normally even though I had 60% bi-lateral stenosis, degeneration of 2 discs and intense pain. I am a Medical professional and did not like what the Orthopedic Surgeons kept saying and suggesting "more and more epidural injections", so I called Dr. Feigenbaum. After meeting Dr Feigenbaum I was sure that what he said after reviewing my MRI's and talking to me about my symptoms was right. I scheduled my surgery as soon as possible and have never regreted my decision. I had my surgery in Feb of 2009 and almost immediately was feeling better. I was up and walking after the 24 hour period and out of the hospital 3 days after my surgery. I recovered quickly and went back to work 3 weeks later. It is now 5 years later and other than some residual nerve damage and a few issues with arthritis you would never be able to tell I had the surgery or was to a point where walking was impossible. I highly recommend Dr Feigenbaum to people who have been told that Tarlov/meningeal cysts can't be causing their pain and problems before errosion of the vertebrae and nerve damage gets worse.

Submitted June 2014”

Evelyn H.

  • Sacral Cysts

“I had been in pain management for almost ten years when I discovered that I had Tarlov Cysts. I had gone to many spine specialists who recommended injections, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, strength training, a TENS unit and even a back brace. Some questioned whether I was really in pain. Because the pain I was describing didn't fit with where they said my pain SHOULD be, I was made to feel as if I was dreaming up symptoms. After finding out about the cysts, I asked my pain management/spine doctor if he had known about the cysts before. He told me that he did know about them, but since they were believed to be totally benign that he had chosen not to tell me about them.

I had quit going to family gatherings and spent much of my time in bed because that was the only place I could get at least a measure of relief.

A totally unrelated emergency situation caused me to be referred to a neurologist. After addressing the other problem, which was temporary, he did a total neurological workup in which he found that I had no reflexes in my legs. After viewing my latest MRI, he said that he had found the source of my sacral pain and likely the absence of reflexes. Then he showed me three large cysts. He recommended that I see a spine surgeon. I made an appointment with the spine surgeon who had been treating patients from my pain management clinic. He told me that Tarlov Cysts were benign anomalies of the spine and that they didn't cause pain, but that if I wanted to pursue the matter further, there was a neurosurgeon in Dallas who had founded an institute dealing with Tarlov cysts. I called and made an appointment, and from that first appointment it was only about three months until my surgery.

I had bowel and bladder problems that I had endured for years without knowing they were directly connected to the location of the cysts on my spine. At one year out from my surgery, these have almost completely abated and the reflexes in my legs are now completely normal.

After the surgery, I had to find a new pain management clinic since my other pain doctor had moved out of the area. The new one stated that he was sure I had wasted my money on the surgery since Tarlov cysts don't cause pain and implied that I was just seeking drugs. Although I now have to travel for over an hour to get to his office, I found a doctor who was familiar with Tarlov cysts, and who will work with me until I no longer need narcotic pain medication.

Although I am still in pain management, I am taking less than half the pain killers than I was before the surgery, and I am having more and more pain-free days. I am getting out more and have begun new projects that would have been impossible to complete before I had the surgery.

Dr. Feigenbaum and his staff have been extremely kind, considerate and professional, and the hospital experience was one of the best I have ever had.

I would recommend that if you are diagnosed with Tarlov cysts you should seek the services of Dr. Feigenbaum and his staff.

Submitted May 2014”

Betsy L.

  • Tarlov cyst with bone erosion - I made it to the two year mark, so grateful!
Betsy L.

“Today marks 2 years for me! 2 years ago May 12 2012 I finally made it to Kansas. It was worth the wait. I lived 90% of my time in bed. Pain so unpredictable that it was exhausting. I finally today can say my life is back 90% normal. Wearing high heels again. Dancing and walking and not being in bed all day long. I couldn't believe my eyes when I received my operative report. I had read about bone erosion and to see that I had this setting in. But it didn't win. Dr F and his staff of amazing professionals were top knotch. I never was afraid to have this surgery. All those many many doctors I had been too telling me DO NOT DO THIS and I had faith. I mean what was the better option? There was no better option. I took my report to those doctors and showed them the reality of my tenacity. And they were pleased. Yet still not on board. I know this. My life would not be what it is TODAY if I had not trusted my gut and well hey once you talk to Dr F and watch his videos how can you not get this done. No longer having right leg pain so bad that I would cry. Or not sitting or standing for very long. One thing I will say in closing is about a point he made in his YouTube video. It's a family disease. It causes depression. It's hard on everyone and that is the truth. But I had lots of support and now life is great. I get to be involved in my sons high school milestones. And Dr Frank words can't express the gratitude and how much I can't thank you enough to devote your life to so many people in this world and now they can live productive lives and enjoy just living. Laughing and Love!!!

Submitted May 2014”

Meningeal Patient from CA

  • Meningeal Diverticulum

“My son was 12 years old (2012) when we discovered he had a large meningeal diverticulum at his sacral spine. The MRI showed that it extended from L1 to almost the bottom of his sacrum. The cyst was compressing his sacral nerve roots and had already eroded some of his bone.

Reta Hiers from the Tarlov Cyst Foundation led us to Dr. Feigenbaum. My son had surgery 16 months after diagnosis. Being out of state, it took some planning and we had to ask for authorization from our insurance. We were apprehensive to have this major surgery done with a doctor we never met in person, however we trusted Reta. We had a phone consultation with the doctor in which he asked to speak to our son as well. Afterwards we felt that it was in our son's best interest to have the surgery done before any other damage would occur.

Our experience with Dr. Feigenbaum and his staff was excellent. This was a very delicate surgery and Dr. Feigenbaum performed it with expertise and precision. Our stay at Medical City Hospital and the care we received there was very good.

It is now 6 months post-op. My son is experiencing some nerve sensations such as numbness, tingling, burning, etc. We were told these are normal feelings that will subside over time. We trust that he will continue to improve as time goes on.

Overall our experience with this surgeon has been very positive and we would highly recommend him to anyone who has a Tarlov cyst or meningeal diverticulum. We are truly grateful to Reta from the Tarlov Cyst Foundation for leading us in the right direction and to Dr. Feigenbaum and his staff for helping our son.

Submitted January 2014”

Julie F.

  • 5 Tarlov Cysts, Still Doing Great 2 Years Later
Julie F.

“I had intermittent lower back pain with sciatica symptoms for about 10 months. I had xrays and was put on a pain management programme with no real plan on how to correct my issue. I was told my L5/S1 disc had a slight bulge and under weight bearing activities, was pinching the nerve and thus giving me sciatica. On my 44th brthday in 2012, I drove on a 9 hour return trip to visit my son. The next day, I was in immense pain and couldnt walk. This was the start of 8 months of intense pain where I couldnt drive any distance in a car, couldnt walk far,sit or stand long. Sometimes, I couldnt feel my legs, couldnt extend my legs to drive the car and even laying in bed hurt. I got an MRI overseas that stated "insignificantly there is a tarlov cyst". This saw me trawl the internet intensely and I found Aimis and Dr Feigenbaum. I was certain this cyst was the cause of my pain and after a phone call discussion with Dr Feigenbaum - he confirmed my suspicions and told me he could see 4 cysts on the MRI. The pain drove me mental. I took minimal pain meds as they made me sick. I cried all the time even though I am a happy person- but my body had had enough. I live in New Zealand and flew to the AIMIS facility in Cyprus for my surgery with Dr F on Feb 11, 2013. I had treatment for 4 large cysts and one small one at S1, S2 and S3. After the surgery, I have no pain. I have soreness in the sacrum area but nothing that requires pain meds. I am quite active again but mindful it is early days and need to limit my activity to ensure I heal properly from such an intense operation. I am so happy to have my life back.

Submitted March 2013 Update: 2 years post surgery I am still doing great.”

Frances W.

  • Tarlov Surgery - Very Happy at a Year After Surgery

“I would like to thank Dr. Feigenbaum and his entire staff for giving me back my life! In March of 2011 I began having pain in my right hip and leg. My primary care physician ordered a MRI of my entire spine which showed my double major scoliosis and some disc issues related to that condition. I was told that my pain was not related to my scoliosis and referred to pain management. This began a long journey for me, one that led me to multiple doctors in varying fields, but one after another were puzzled by my condition. After months of frustration on one of my many sleepless nights, I decided to put my MRI study into my laptop and read the radiologist report. It was then I discovered the cyst in my spine located at the S1/S2 level. I viewed the images which clearly showed a large cyst and was puzzled as to why this was never mentioned by any of the physicians I had visited.

I traveled to meet the radiologist who had initially read my report, who told me that I indeed had a cyst in my sacrum but that it would NEVER cause me pain. I described my symptoms to him and told him that there had to be an explanation for my condition. When I asked him what his recommendation was, he told me I should go back to my PCP and ask for a psychiatric evaluation! I was angered, but refused to stop looking for the cause of my pain.

By the beginning of 2012 I was suffering from unbearable pain. It was impossible for me to sit for longer than a few minutes and I was steadily losing my quality of life. I had already left my job (8 hours a day at a desk which was impossible to perform) and was no longer able to participate in my children's school and recreational activities. My marriage began to suffer as well. I had been told over and over again that I had a chronic pain condition and my best option was to accept that diagnosis and make the most of my life.

One night I discovered Dr. Feigenbaum's website, and the link to the Tarlov Cyst Foundation. After reading the list of symptoms I realized that it was not only possible, but likely my symptoms were cyst related. I called the Dr. F's office the very next business day and scheduled an appointment.

I met with Dr. F in April of 2012, and began the process of healing. After reviewing my tests and symptoms, he presented me with my options. I knew that my health would continue to decline if I did nothing, so I decided to start the necessary paperwork for surgery. The risks were clearly defined for me, but I pressed on as my health seemed to deteriorate with every day that passed. Finally, the last day of July of 2012, I had surgery.

Dr. Feigenbaum and the entire staff at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas city were nothing but supportive and instrumental in my recovery. I noticed several improvements within days of my surgery, the most noticeable being the return of feeling in my groin area as well as the return of strength to my right foot. Before the operation I had continuous tingling and numbness in my groin and my right foot would drag when I walked due to loss of strength.

My post surgical pain was easily managed by pain medications, and within three weeks I required less pain medication than I did before surgery. I have experienced continuous improvements since then. It has now been nearly a year since the operation, and I have recovered all of the quality of life I had lost. I can now sit as long as I wish, walk as far as I want, and live free of pain medication! Had I not followed my instincts and sought the care of Dr. Feigenbaum, I would be living on pain pills and relegated to live the rest of my life as a shadow of myself. Now I am 34 years old, remarried, and getting ready to embark on the next half of my life as a happy and healthy woman! Were it not for the dedication and skill of Dr. F, who knows where I would be?

Don't give up if you find yourself where I was...there is hope and you have a future!

Submitted July 2013”

Dale K.

  • Tarlov Cyst Surgery

“I had Tarlov Cyst surgery last Nov 6th, 2012. As I pass this one year "anniversary", I would like to share my experiences in hopes of helping others. By the time I had the surgery I had been through many doctors and tests, procedures and wrong diagnoses for my increasing and debilitating pain. When a radiology report revealed a Tarlov Cyst and suggested follow up, my husband googled it and though the symptoms fit like a glove, the pain management Dr( a spine specialist) refused to believe it. I have since found this ignorance common and frightening. I sent my info. to Hopkins and the diagnosis was confirmed. I had the fibrin glue treatment there in July 2012 and it actually increased my symptoms. I went downhill till my surgery with Dr Feigenbaum.

Immediately after the surgery, when first allowed up, I could finally put one foot in front of the other to walk. (I had been only hobbling side ways before.) I actually had tears of joy. However a long road still was ahead. Improvement for the severe nerve damage the cyst incurred is a painstakingly slow and uneven journey. However Dr Feigenbaum prepared me and gave me not only his amazing skill and compassion, but the gift of hope. He warned me about the upcoming months(3-6, although mine continued an extra month!), when I would be able to do more but it would hurt more...as advertised! By January 2013, I realized I could walk close to a half mile. Around month 8, the pain began to ebb more and I started to realize how much more I could do. The "sharp rocks" feeling when I sat, the constant stinging and pain in the thighs, hips and private areas faded. Pain began to centralize at the sacral site. Progress was still uneven, but very noticeable. At 12 months, while still hoping for further progress, I can walk about a mile at one time and sit for longer periods. I am down to 1-2 50 mg Tramadol a day for pain, with a very occasional Tylenol thrown in. I also have been using acupuncture with a trained medical doctor which has provided temporary respites from the pain.

I wish I could spread the word to every Tarlov sufferer about Dr Feigenbaum and his wonderful, compassionate and always helpful staff. Help is there. I thank him in my heart and mind every single day and with each step I take.”

Beathrice from Italy

  • Two Tarlov Cysts
Beathrice from Italy

“I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Feigenbaum for giving my life back. I had surgery 13 days ago in Cyprus and all my pains that i had have gone. I couldn't walk anymore before my operation and i now can. Dr.Feigenbaum changed my life and i can't really thank him enough!

Submitted December 2013

Update at one year - still doing great!”


  • Sacral Tarlov Cyst Surgery

“Shortly after childbirth in 2004, I began to experience neuropathy in my toes. It was numbness and neuropathic itch which made diagnosis very difficult: my earliest treatment was with a podiatrist who was medicating me for toe fungus.

Fast forward to 2009, I had sensory and motor neurologic symptoms in my lower extremities, pudendal neuropathy, bladder dysfunction, and vertigo. I could barely walk or function in my obligations. I did improve with physical therapy and was able to function in a state of intractable discomfort and highly medicated.

An MRN in 2010 showed tarlov cysts in my sacrum, but a chorus of physicians told me to ignore them. The first "Tarlov cyst doctor" I sent my films to, seemed to discount the cysts because he did not believe they were large enough; but he did suggest that he could do a spinal tap to relieve CSF pressure, and if this helped he could treat me by implanting a shunt. This sounded barbaric to me. My insurance company wanted me to have the cysts fibrin glued, a practice that has been almost universally abandoned due to poor long term outcome.

Dr. Feigenbaum was the only physician in the field whose approach made total sense. He went over my images with me, and I was apalled at what I had been told by other physicians because a monkey could see that I had severe nerve root compression. Due wasted time with other physicians and an epic battle with my insurance company, two years elapsed between the time the tarlov cysts were identified and the time when I actually had surgery with Dr. Feigenbaum. In the interim, my legs had become so weak that I frequently injured myself walking; and I had become obese due to inability to excercise. I was on 4 medications with side effects that made me miserable. I was progressively developing more sensory neuropathies: numbness in the feet and legs, burning pain on the bottoms of my feet, intermittant sciatica, and difficulty with more branches of the pudendal nerve. I was surviving until surgery, not living.

I would like to emphasize that my results are probably not typical, but I felt dramatically better after surgery and was walking laps around the hospital the minute my 24 hours of lying flat were over. Pain at the surgical site was minimal. It was just sore, so I never refilled my narcotic and just used naproxen for pain. I had more sensation and strength in my legs immediately post-op. I have not had pain in my feet or legs since surgery; only continued mild neuropathic itch in my toes. My pelvic area was numb immediately post-op which was wonderful for me with my history of pudendal neuropathy, but did make bladder and bowel function more of a challenge for a couple of months until sensation returned to the area.

Immediately post-op I thought I was in heaven. I left the hospital after 3 days, stopped at Walgreens to fill my prescriptions, and was out grocery shopping the next day with my friend. After my post-op visit a week later, I flew home, and immediately resumed household duties. I am almost 9 months out and steadily improving. I had some struggles early on, with my bladder especially and also I "overdid it" to a crazy extent in my 4th month and had a flare of pudendal neuropathy for most of the 5th month as a result. On the up side: I am down from 4 meds to 2 meds, in lower doses. I walk 2 miles daily and am taking off weight. My legs feel perfect and my feet improved. My pudendal symptoms are fading into the background as they gradually improve (not the heaven of the initial numbness, but definitely doing well!) Only my bladder remains at pre-op level but I am very confident to have improved so much by 9 months since I am aware many patients take 2 or even 3 years to experience optimal results.

I just got a job, and feel like I am getting my life back. After experiencing slow but steady deterioration, I am experiencing improvement at a relatively rapid rate, although day-to-day I certainly do need to have patience.

Dr. Feigenbaum is the only doctor working in this field I would have allowed to touch me. I hope he is able to teach his techniques to other talented Neurosurgeons in the future, because I think he has devised the best treatment presently available for Tarlov cyst disease. After a lot of research and self advocacy I was able to find the ONE practitioner able to save me and my family from this nightmare. I urge anyone who suspects tarlov cysts might be playing a role in their pathology, to bring or send their MRI to Dr. Feigenbaum, and find out if you are a candidate for tarlov cyst surgery. His MRI evaluations and patient exams make sense: They are not based on the almost universal bias physicians seem to have against appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Tarlov cyst disease.

I know many patients struggle more post-op than I did; each individual reacts differently to having the nerve roots directly handled and manipulated. But in the long term, if tarlov cysts are compressing your nerve roots then in my opinion Dr. Feigenbaum's treatment is your best chance at a normal life.”

Kim R.

  • Tarlov Cyst Surgical Treatment

“All I can say is "thank you, thank you, thank you Dr F and staff!" After nearly 7 months of severe Tarlov Cyst pain, and an ineffective Fibrin Glue Injection at Johns Hopkins, I am up and walking 30-45 minutes a day with no tailbone pain/pressure, no numb legs, and no sciatic nerve pain. On May 11, 2012 I felt like I met the miracle worker! Dr F was on time, very cordial and immediately looked at my MRIs and noticed not just the 1 Tarlov Cyst I was told I had by other doctors and surgeons, but 3 Tarlov cysts. After performing some in-office tests and asking a series of questions he concluded the cysts were definitely the symptoms of pain and recommended and explained the Tarlov cyst treatment procedures and recovery restrictions. Liking Dr F immediately, and feeing 100% confident he is THE BEST in this field, I went home and consulted with my husband and family, and called to schedule surgery the next day. Everyone on his staff was extremely professional and very kind. His surgery coordinator Laura could not have been any more helpful and nicer. Dr. Feigenbaum and his staff actually started my surgery almost an hour early. They explained everything crystal-clear to everyone with me, and made sure that not only I, but also my mother, had no questions and eased any anxiery or fears we may have had pre-surgery. My recovery was much easier than I was expecting. The staff at Pine Creek were fabulous and attended to all of my needs - most of which were pain med requests. I was expecting to want/need heavy pain relievers every four hours to be comfortable. However, the pain was much more manageable and was different than my pain before surgery. I had no pain/pressure in the tailbone, no numbness in my legs/feet and no lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain. The main pain I felt was near the incision site, which was to be expected. I was up and walking the 2nd day after surgery, and was released on Friday. I am obeying post-op surgery recommendations to a T and so far this has been much easier than I expected. I would tell anyone I know who is going through any TC pain to not even question Dr. Feigenbaum's recommendations. He is definitely the best in this field, and a life-saver who has given me my life back. So very very worth it! I am walking 30-45 minutes a day, able to sit 45-60 minutes with no tailbone pain (more muscle back pain due to inactivity for 7 months), and I can feel my calves and feet again! I have not taken any pain medication since August 25, 2012 (ten days after surgery). Occasionally at night I take 2 Advil, but more for sore muscle pain from slowly getting back into more movement that my body was deprived of for so long prior to surgery.”

Rebecca S.

  • Drainage and Wrapping of Multiple Sacral Tarlov Cysts

“I will be forever grateful to Dr. Feigenbaum for giving me my life back. I am one year out from having surgery to drain and wrap three large Tarlov Cysts at the Sacral level and am doing wonderful!!!! After struggling for several years with debilitating and radiating pain which caused me to go from extremely athletic to hardly being able to walk, having no luck with conventional treatments, and having no one able to truly tell me what was going on, I did my own research and found Dr. Feigenbaum through the Tarlov Cyst Foundation web site. I called his office and for the first time felt like someone understood what I was dealing with. His staff was truly remarkable, and went above and beyond my expectations. I made the long trip to Kansas where I had surgery. I went from being in excruciating pain to walking around the hospital 24 hours after surgery with only surgical pain. I would recommend Dr. Feigenbaum to anyone dealing with Tarlov Cysts, and I truly believe that he is phenominally gifted. Thank you Dr. Feigenbaum, I will be forever grateful!”

D from Florida

  • Meningeal Cyst Patient

“I do not know where to start to tell you about my experience with Dr. Feigenbaum and his angel of a nurse assistant Debbie West but if there where a book written about how to treat a patient these two would be the prototype used. From the moment I contacted them I have received nothing but the most professional and caring response. Finding a surgeon who understands the pain these cysts cause led me to Dr. Feigenbaum. I had surgery in October 2007 and truly have my life back. I am not yet 100% percent but the difference in my pain level pre and post op is remarkable and I feel there is healing still to come. When I read my operative report and saw what had been done on my spine I knew I had been blessed to find such an incredibly skilled surgeon. Post operatively most of my contact has been with Debbie West and I cannot tell you the support I have received. It has been 16 months since surgery and still I know they are there for me if I need anything. If I ever again needed surgery on my spine back to Dr. Feigenbaum I would go in a heartbeat. Kansas City was a wonderful city to visit and the people there are true Midwesterners greeted always with a smile and happy to be of service to you everywhere you go.”

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