Peg, MA Medical Assistant

Peg has been a medical assistant for over twenty years and has worked with Dr. Feigenbaum since his move from Kansas City to Texas in 2012.  She has various experience ranging from office manager duties, billing, collections, insurance, credentialing, scheduling, troubleshooting patient insurance issues, triaging phone calls, charting, coding, and pre-certifications.  Prior to working with Tarlov cyst patients, she worked for a physical therapist practice, orthopedic clinic, foot and ankle specialists, and a general surgeon's office.  She is one of the original staff members who helped organize the practice ground up (along with Dr. Feigenbaum, Laura, and Sue)!  Her current role as an office medical assistant includes pre-certifications, outpatient scheduling, addressing FMLA and disability paperwork, just to name of few.  Peg's great knowledge of Tarlov cyst patients and the inner workings of the office ensure patients receive the necessary care and treatment.


Medical Assistant: Milwaukee Technical College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin