Heather Revenue Cycle Management, Billing

Heather is an experienced professional having more than 10 years of expertise in Revenue Cycle Management and Data Analytics. As a Revenue Cycle Manager, she utilizes her skills and knowledge in healthcare systems, insurance billing, invoicing, payment processing, account reconciliations, collections, and reporting to focus on financial management ensuring insurance claims get paid and delivering positive outcomes.

Prior to working with Dr. Feigenbaum, Heather had many years of revenue cycle success with Pulse Systems Inc. She joined Pulse Systems Inc. in March 2012 as a Medical Billing Specialist and within a short time was promoted to RCM Manager. In this role, Heather demonstrated her leadership skills operating an RCM billing department in an efficient and accurate manner inspiring her team to take on new projects and achieving company goals. Heather conducted weekly status calls with customers, delivered presentations, and acted as a trainer for customers and colleagues. She was also one of the speakers and subject matter experts at the National Pulse User Group Conferences.

Beside her standard scope of responsibilities, Heather was engaged in R&D processes working closely with Product Owners, Software Engineers, and QA teams to test and create requirements for enhanced functionality of products and software. She also collaborated with the Executive and Finance teams to improve internal processes working on projects to develop and implement productivity measurement, reporting, and profitability tools.

No matter what she does, Heather does it well. She is very well-organized and efficient in both roles, as a manager and team-player. Her strong personality and values, such as: honesty, respect for others, attention to details, compassion and readiness to help, makes her a great asset to any professional team. She never compromises on quality and always looks for an opportunity to improve, and bring better business results to the practice and the patients.


  • Business Management: University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, Missouri